About Lao Ceylon Band

Drummer & Band Leader Mr. Sengthong Boutsady He can play many instruments! & talented singer from Laos. We are quite lucky to have him and yet it is all caused by Lead Guitarist Mr. Prince Felsinger’s love for maestro Clarence songs. Mr. Prince who is a Sri Lankan working in Laos is quite a talented guitarist & is the cause that created Lao Ceylon. Mrs. Bounthy Boutsady is Mr. Sengthong’s wife and she is one of the vocalists & is from Lao. Ms. Alanya Boutsady is daughter of Mrs. Bounthy & is both the vocalist & keyboard player from Laos.

Mr. Bob is the rhythm guitarist in the group & comes from Laos. Mr.Gomin, the player of the second keyboards is also from Laos. Mr.Kuong is from Laos and he plays the percussion. Mr. Tingkham comes from Laos & was the rhythm guitarist in Sinhala Songs in Lao Voice 1. Mr. Phongsavanh Phoommythone is the talented bass guitarist & he too comes from Laos. This group works well together yet they all cannot speak each other’s language except Alanya who is the only one to be able to translate Lao-English!

Lao people are simple people living simple lives yet they too have a strong love for music & culture.

  • The Band Members
  • Mr. Sengthong Boutsady: Drummer and Band Leader - Laos
  • Mrs. Bounthy Boutsady: Vocals - Laos
  • Ms Alanya Boutsady: Vocals and Keyboard - Laos
  • Mr. Phongsavanh Phoommythone: Bass Guitar - Laos
  • Mr. Bob: Rhythm Guitar - Laos
  • Mr Gomin: Second Keyboards - Laos
  • Mr. Prince Felsinger: Lead Guitar – Sri Lanka
  • Mr. Kuong: Percussion - Laos
  • Mr. Tingkham: Rhythm Guitar - Laos (Sinhala Songs In Lao Voice 1)

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