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A Laos band singing Sri Lankan songs is being popularized in the You Tube these days. The Band is named as Lao Ceylon. The videos of them singing some hit songs of Sri Lankan music giants of the 70’s like Clarence, Milton and Indrani are quite popular among You Tube and also in Face Book.

The leader of this band Mr. Sengthong Boutsady is the man behind the drums and also he can sing Sinhala songs. The only Sri Lankan in the band Mr. Prince Felsinger is the lead guitaristwho is working in Laos. Alanya Boutsady the daughter of Sengthong Boutsady is the person behind the key board and also one of the main female vocalists, while her mother Bounthy Boutsady is the other female vocalist.

The other members of the band are Bob, Gomin, Kuong who are playing the rhythm guitar, key board and percussions respectively.

Mr. Clarence Wijewardana's Songs Ramani, Kiri Muhuda, Gamen-liyumak, Malata Bamaraku Se, Run dunuke malase, Dileepa Podi Puthu, Maaniyani and Sihina Lowak.

Mr. Milton Mallawarachchi's Songs Avasara natha mata, Maa Thaniwela, Ada heta Oba Ma and Mata Men Ohutada

Anesly Malewana's Songs in Ramani, Piyanani, Sihina pathum, Mage Sithe Athi and Sathuta Senasuma

Mrs Indrani Perera's Dilhani, Wanadev liya and Amma Also Oba Ma Sathuwei Kiya (Dalreen Sube), Rahasai Sonduru Jeeve (Mariyasel Gunatilaka), Molakati Puthune (Super Golden Chimes) and Muthu Wage Babalanawa (Winslow six )

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